Main Street Weirton - 1300 Block

1921 View of Main Street 1300 Block

Enlarged version of above picture is located at Wesbanco Weirton on Penco Road.
This picture was taken from a photo postcard purchased by Dennis Jones for use in the Weirton Area
History Game.  This is a view of the 1300 block of Main Street looking south from the Avenue C
intersection, which was the end of the trolley car line.  The man with the paper facing the camera
has been identified as Angelo Sanderson (identified by John G. Pandelios).  The building behind him
was owned by Sam Geffner.  Stores left to right include:  Star Clothing & Shoe Store, Jean's
Confectionery, Frank Lincoff's Jewelers, The Fair Outfitters for Men, and Weirton Studio.  At the old
Rex Theatre building, Academy Billiards was on the first floor, while the upstairs was later used as the
Ahepa Hall, where wrestling matches were also held.  When enlarged, the picture can be dated from
the poster on front of the Trolley Car, which states that the silent movie "Traveling Salesman" starring
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was showing at the Victoria Theatre in Steubenville.