Main Street Weirton - 1500 Block

1940 View of State & Manas Theatres

Enlarged version of above picture is located at Greco-Hertnick Funeral Home.
This interesting picture was donated by the Weirton Christian Center.  Shown is the alley connecting
Main Street to County Road.  The alley is midway between Avenue "E"and Avenue "F."  Visible
through the alley is the old Weirton Grade School up on County Road.  The Sacred Heart of Mary
Church in on the right, in back of the State Theatre (1526 Main St.).  On the left (north) side of the
alley is the Manas Confectionery (1524 Main St.) and Manas Theatre (1522 Main St.).  We have been
informed by Tom Czernek, who played in this alley in his childhood, that there was a tunnel under
the alley between the theatres.  The poster indicates that the 1940 movie "Flowing Gold" with a cast
including John Garfield, Frances Farmer, and Pat O'Brien was showing at the State Theatre.