A View of Holliday's Cove - 1905

1905 View of Holliday's Cove

Enlarged version of above picture is located at Wesbanco Bank downtown Weirton.
Art Miser provided this photo postcard for WAMCC to scan and use in their photo collection.  
This view was taken in the year 1905 from the hill looking northward over the village of Holliday's
Cove.  The Cove Presbyterian Church is just above in the center of the picture (with the steeple).
Holliday's Cove School is the large 2-story wooden building up on the knoll to the right of
the church.  Harmon's Creek can be seen draining toward the lower left corner of the picture and
winding back past the church before heading east past the school.  The Pittsburgh, Cinncinnati,
Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad follows and then branches to the north (toward New Cumberland)
and to the east (toward Colliers).  The New Cumberland Jct. Railroad Station can be seen at the
Y-branch (about right-center of picture).  The new town of Weirton would get started 4 years later
in 1909 just up around on the other side of the hill on the left (future Marland Heights).