Main Street Weirton - 3100 Block

1927 View of Main Street 3100 Block

Enlarged version of above picture is located at Wesbanco Bank on Three Springs Drive.
This picture was a negative copy in the Weirton Steel materials donated to WAMCC.  The view is
of the 3100 block of Main Street looking northward in the year 1927.  Stores on the right include
Jack Adler's "People's Reliabel Store" (at 3170 Main St.), Brostman's Furniture Co. (later moved
across street), and Reuben Wershbole's "Fair Dept. Store" (3112-3116 Main St.).  Stores on the
left include Frank Lincoff Jewelers (3117 Main St - changed to Schenley's Jewelers in 1931), and
Nach & Freedman Furniture (3107 Main St.).  The Strip Steel Restaurant can be seen north of the
Taylor Avenue intersection.  An empty lot occupies the spot, where the Bus Terminal would be built.