Main Street Weirton - 3200 Block

View of 3200 Block Main Street 1954

Enlarged version of above picture is located at Greco-Hertnick Funeral Home.
This picture was scanned from a negative donated by Weirton Steel Company.  The picture shows
a view looking north on Main Street in the 3200 block during the Weirton Christmas Parade in 1954.  
Visible on the left are Charnie Insurance, Weirton TV Cable Co., Mike's Hat Cleaning and Shoe Shine
Shop, Hertnick Funeral Home, Sterling Gasoline Station, and the Grand Bar, which was just north of
Ferguson Ave.  On the right are Weirton Savings & Loan Co., Roger's Jewelers, The Children's Shop,
Aspiote's Paint Store, and the Strand Theatre.  The enlarged picture clearly shows that the man
standing on the porch of Hertnick's Funeral Home with hand in pocket is Victor Greco.