Main Street Weirton - 3300 Block

View of 3300 Block Main Street 1950

Enlarged version of above picture is located at Top of WV Convention & Visitors Bureau.
This picture was scanned from a negative donated by Weirton Steel Company.  The picture shows
a view looking north on Main Street at the Cove Road intersection before the Independence Day
Parade in 1950.  Businesses on the right include:  Ashland Filling Station, Barr's Drug Store (3370
Main St.), Mom's Lunch, Manuel's Tailoring & Dry Cleaning (3354 Main St.), Office Supply (3350
Main St.), and Capito & Son's (3310 Main St.).  Businesses on the left include Cove Valley Pharmacy,
(3397 Main St.), Cove Hardware (3395 Main St.), Carr Photo (3393 Main St.), Mendenhall Real
Estate (3389 Main St.), Dr. Hubert V. Moss, Dentist (3389 Main St. Upstairs), and People's Bank
(3383 Main St.).  The enlarged photograph reveals a sign pointing the way to Kennywood Park on
the pole near the Ashland Station.  The Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center is located
today, where Carr Photo was then.  The Top of WV Convention & Visitors Bureau is located today,
where Mendenhall Real Estate was then.  The Cove Valley Pharmacy and Cove Hardware buildings
no longer exist.