Pictures at the MAB Building

MAB Building with Honor Roll 1950

Enlarged version of above picture is located at ArcelorMittal's MAB lobby.
This picture was scanned from a negative donated by Weirton Steel Company.  The picture shows
a view looking southeast down Main Street to the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and County
Road (triangle area).   Straight ahead is the Employees' Honor Roll, which was dedicated in 1944 to
the Weirton Steel Employees who fought in the War.   Behind the honor roll is the MAB (Mill
Administration Building) of Weirton Steel Co. (now used by ArcelorMittal-Weirton).   The people
are all waiting for the 1950 Independence Day Parade.  The enlarged version of the photo reveals
a sign pointing the way to Kennywood Park (on the pole in front of the honor roll).