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components of the Weirton Area History Game:

Sponsored Question Cards        Game Board           The Game Tin         Game Pieces

"W"Welcome Cards      "E"Education Cards        "I"Individuals Cards            "R"Research Cards

"C" Community Cards     "OV"Ohio Valley Cards           "E"Army-Navy Excellence Award   

Transportation Cards   

                                         Game General Overview
Players roll die and draw a sponsored question card.  Player is asked one of the five
questions on the sponsored question card based upon what was rolled on the die.
Players collect a letter card (W, E, I, R, C, or OV) for each correct answer.
Object of the game is to collect enough cards to spell WEIR COVE.  A colorful
instruction booklet is provided.

A DVD silent picture show is included with the game, providing over 200 historical
pictures of Weirton to watch on TV.  Click on DVD picture above for more details.
The Weirton Area History Game was originated and designed by Dennis Jones with
input provided by the History Game Committee:  Paul B. Zuros, Andrea Anderson,
Pamela Makricosta, Despina Melonas, John G. Pandelios, and Victor Greco.  All of
the game components are of high quality to be preserved a long time.