Click on links below to see Weirton's historic photo gallery and Weirton Steel Company's history time line
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Weirton's 100th Anniversary Historic Photo Gallery
The historic photo gallery linked above is on display at Weirton area
businesses and organizations throughout the month of September.  There
are 100 total photographs on display, and each one measures 2 feet x 3 feet.
Financial support for this project was provided in part by ArcelorMittal USA.  

100 Years of Steel in Weirton Historical Timeline
The timeline linked above is now on display at Mary H. Weir Public Library.
It measures 40 inches high by 56 inches long.  It was compiled by museum    
members John G. Pandelios and Dennis Jones.  Financial support for this    
project was provided by ArcelorMittal USA.

Thanks for your continued support ! ! !