Triangle Area Photographs

Triangle Area 1950

Enlarged version of above picture is located at Wesbanco downtown.
This picture was scanned from a negative donated by Weirton Steel Company.  The picture shows
a view looking north at the triangle during the 1950 Independence Day Parade.  The triangle
connects Main Street and County Road, while Pennsylvania Avenue intersects off to the right of
picture.  Visible near the center is St. Paul's Church and St. Paul School just to its right.  At the
triangle, which is the end of the 1800 block of Main St., is the Western Union Telegraph Office,
Simon's, Coronet Cleaners, and the Triangle Restaurant.  

The feature picture was donated to the Museum by Dave Decker, who is
his family, who once owned the Valley Garage in Weirton.  
The garage was located
on the corner of County Road and William Penn
Highway (Pennsylvania Avenue).  
The address was listed as 101 Penn
Avenue in the 1934 Phone Directory.  
Residents there included Agnes
(his great grandmother), Martin Joseph (his
great grandfather), George
(his grandfather), Mary Etta (his grandmother), and Martin
Joseph Jr.
(his uncle who was killed in the D-Day Invasion WWII).

Dave is seeking information pertaining to his family's garage in Weirton.  
If you have any related information or photos, please contact Weirton
Area Museum and Cultural Center, so the information can be passed on
to Dave.
 It appears that the garage was converted to the Nightinggale or
Century Tavern in the 1940's and then became the New City Cafe after
1948, when Weirton became incorporated.  The PennWay Pharmacy was
located next to this building.

Scroll down to see pictures we have so far pertaining to Decker's
Valley Garage.

1953 Dunbar School Bus

Picture above shows raising the garage in 1930's

Presbyterian Church

Early photo of the "Valley Garage" located at 101 Penn Avenue in Weirton.  

Dunbar School Building

Above Photo was taken during the 1950 Weirton Independence Day Parade.
The New City Cafe can be seen on the right of the picture with St. Paul's Church and
School in the background.